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About Teddish, a Cape Cod Dating Service

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We all want someone special, at Teddish, we understand how difficult it is being single on Cape Cod & the Islands, especially in the off-season. So much so, as locals, many of us have given up on trying to meet that special someone, anyone or even leaving the house half the time because we believe other singles do not exist here. At Teddish, we tried it all too – quality alone time doing what we love with hopes of attracting another, going to bars, the gym, dog parks, coffee shops, book stores, grocery shopping, networking events, relying on well-intended family and friends and online dating apps to meet our special person.

However, when we met someone, we thought had potential there usually was no real connection. Our hopes of finding an honest, genuine person who we were also attracted to begin to fizzle into repeated disappointment. Despite taking every precaution and suggested protocols when meeting someone in person from online dating apps, we had a few safety issues, people turned out to be married or had prior convictions and were dishonest in their profiles or appearance. Given life’s daily responsibilities of children, pets, work and running a household, dating began to fall off our radar entirely. It was not fun or exciting anymore, dating was just time consuming. So we decided our time is valuable and there has to be a better, safer way to go about meeting people while navigating the single life.

Then it occurred to us at Teddish, the fact there has never been any 21+ single social life drivers here on this peninsula was no secret, it’s as well-known as the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port. Our universal dread of dating in an area without options could unite us. Together we can have loads of fun doing the things we enjoy, make memories for ourselves and our children while strengthening the fabric of our community. Together we could have a significant social impact on the nonprofits, small businesses and each other.

A Company Named Teddish?

Becoming single our CEO/Founder, Coren Stewart reflected on what true love has meant to her. Coren explains:

“My best dates were with my Father, Edward “Ted” to Red Sox games at Fenway Park. Love at first sight was the birth of my son Edward “Teddy” who has always been my favorite Valentine. When friends would call to ask how my dates went, I would reply “If he could only be more Teddish, a combination of the two best guys I know.”

Coren Stewart
CEO/Founder – Teddish


Coren Stewart of Teddish is proud to be a graduate of the 2019 EforAll program.
Teddish is proud to support WE CAN
Coren Stewart of Teddish is proud to be a member of CCYP
Teddish is proud to be affiliated with CapeSpace

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