Testimonial from happy clients of Teddish, Cape Cods way to find love a better, safer way

“Coren took the time to get to know us well. And was able to see connections that we’re not sure we would have realized on our own. Prior to us going out on a date, she created multiple opportunities to simply have fun together. Things like themed social gatherings, nature hikes and nights out enjoying live music allowed for no-pressure experiences where we could get to know each other better while simply doing what we like to do. We are so grateful she brought us together, and for the time and care she took to help foster our relationship.”


“I’m very excited to see what Teddish is all about..also very proud of myself to go to an event such as yours solo and on VDay to boot! There is such a need for sane dating options on Cape Cod as we all know. Thanks for coming up with Teddish.”

“I was looking online this morning to see if there were any dating services on Cape Cod and yours is the only one I found! I have kidded around in the past saying I was going to start a service here on the Cape but haven’t done it due to time. I am just recently retired (earlier than planned) and thought now is the time to explore. I think it’s a very valuable service.”

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