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The Entrepreneur & The Herring Run: Progress Mid-Pitch

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Spring at the Stoney Brook Herring Run in Brewster was a family tradition that I continue with my son. The seagulls square-dancing into the water, serenading herring after herring, was always a sight to see. Hundreds of fish huddled, shoulder to shoulder, swimming up-stream against the tide. With each victorious gull, with every river ladder the fish thrust over, there were fewer competing for survival. In fact, only 1% of herring fulfill their destiny to return to their spawning grounds and back out to sea in the fall. The Herring running also marked the seasonal transition from the bleak, isolating winters into the longer, brighter days of spring. For our local business owners, spring breathes hope for another season of profitability as these eternal economic optimists begin to open their doors.

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