Why Is Teddish A Private Membership Club?

At Teddish, honesty, kindness and respect are paramount to our value system. We have come to appreciate spending time with like-minded, positive people who also want to contribute to their community. Being socially conscious and aware of more than just ourselves and our immediate needs is a common Teddish membership trait. We are not perfect, have all made mistakes, yet feel accountability and strive to be good people, parents and contributing members of our community.

The truth matters deeply to us at Teddish and our members agree that honesty is the highest priority when forming meaningful relationships. We do our diligence to verify you are who you say you are by name, age, appearance and that you have not been convicted of any major crimes or sex offences. It’s important our member feel comfortable knowing we have safeguarded, to the best of our ability, one another for the safety sake of our children, personal well-being and our community.

Background checks are part of the process and give members flexibility to include our children on child friendly events and to participate in the widest range of activities. At Teddish, we think being part of a club with a verified crew of terrific, fun-seeking individuals would bring any of us out of the woodwork.

Become a Member

Apply here to become a member of Teddish to help you find love on Cape Cod a better, safer way.